Puerto Maldonado (South East)

Puerto Maldonado is a city of the south-east of Peru, the capital of the Mother's Department of God, the placed on the banks of the river Mother of God. It is one of the principal commercial cores of the Amazonia. It takes the official title of The Capital of the Biodiversity of Peru in merit to important opposing records of flora and fauna in the forests of the department, specially in the Manu.

Madre de Dios is a department with abundant jungles virgins and landscapes subyugantes. Possibly it is the area least controlled and eroded of the Peruvian Amazonía. In addition, the conjugation of his abrupt geography, his innumerable microclimates and the variety of his soils have propitiated the development of a diversity of living forms. Earth of broad and slow rivers and beautiful lagoons surrounded with exuberant vegetation. Madre de Dios possesses the best soils of the whole Amazonian jungle, being the production of chestnut and rubber his principal source of income. Equally, the region shelters native tribes for whom the advance of the civilization still has not come. The principal groups established in the region are the huarayos, mashcos, piros, amahuacas, yamanahuas, amaracaes and machiguengas.