Iquitos Area (North East)

Iquitos (founded: San Paul, 1757) is the biggest city of the Amazonía Peruana, with a population of 370.962. It is the capital of Loreto's Department and Maynas's province. In general, it is considered to be the fifth metropolitan area by more inhabitants in the country and the city most populated in the world that cannot come near by road.

Placed on the banks of the Amazon, it is 106 m on the level of the sea in spite of being to more than 3.000 km from the river mouth of the Amazon, in Belém in Brazil, in the Brazilian sea. One finds 125 kilometres downstream from the confluence of the rivers Ucayali and Cashew tree, two principal head-boards of the Amazon. Iquitos has been for a long time an important port in the basin of the Amazon. It is surrounded by three rivers: the Nanay, Itaya and The Amazon. Figuratively, Iquitos is a "island".

The city only can come near for plane or ship, with the exception of a road to Sailor, a small city of approximately 100 km in the southern part. The noses of sea of 3.000 tons or 9.000 tons [1] and 5,5 meters of fret can come to Iquitos from the Atlantic Ocean, 3.600 kilometres of distance. The majority of the trips inside the city in yes is across the bus (mike or jumbo jet), motorcycle or autorickshaw (motocarro, motocarro or motokar). Transport the nearby villages often it needs a trip for the river across sin sin, a small public motorized ship.

It has the most important fluvial port of Peru and can communicate across the Amazon with other cities of the jungle, as Leticia in Colombia and with several cities of the Brazil like You Run and Belem do Pará up to coming to the Atlantic Ocean.