Amazon Tours

The Peruvian Amazonia, it is the part of the Amazonia that limits itself in the high place Amazons territory of Peru understanding an area of 782.880,55 km ², to the east of the Mountain chain of the Andes, in South America. It is the zone with minor human population. The Peruvian Amazonia is one of the areas with major biodiversity and endemismos of the due planet, between other factors, to the variety of ecorregiones and ecological floors. In the Peruvian Amazonia it is possible to identify two natural regions: high jungle and the jungle goes down.

Unlike what commonly he believes himself, most of the territory of Peru is covered by dense Amazonian forests, for what more that Andean, the country is Amazonian or, in any case, andinoamazónico. This due to the fact that the Amazonian jungle covers more than 60 % of the Peruvian territory, being the second country with Amazonía's major extension after the Brazil.

The Amazonian jungle of Peru is one of the zones with major biological diversity of the planet. There is so big the variety of species that one thinks that most of them continues without being discovered and less studied adequately. Peru is the second country, after Colombia (that they include the territory extracontinental of the Caribbean islands: Decision and San Andrés), regarding quantity of species of birds in mundo and the third party as for mammals, of which 44 % and 63 % respectively live in the Peruvian Amazonia.